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NuclearThroneTogether / Uploading mods

This is a small guide on uploading Nuclear Throne Together mods to (which is the preferred mod distribution method since October 2017).

  • Open the "upload a new project" page. Login/register, if you need to.

    Fields to be filled out are as following:

  • Title: As you can suspect, it's the name of your mod.

  • Short description: This is a one-liner that is shown on search pages of all kinds. If you can fit a short description of your mod here, you should.
  • Cover image: This is also shown on search pages. Note that you can use a GIF for this.
  • Screenshots: Should be included to demonstrate what your mod actually does. You can use GIFs for these as well and/or include a YouTube/Vimeo link for trailer/gameplay video.
  • Classification: Set to "Game mod"
  • Kind of project: Leave as "Downloadable"
  • Release status: Set as intended.
  • Pricing: You are allowed to accept donations for your NTT mods so long as they don't include substantial chunks of game or it's executable. Fortunately, they won't by default, as you only need to distribute .gml file(s) and custom assets (if any) for a mod to work.
  • Uploads: If your mod is a single file, you can upload it just so. Otherwise the preferred format is to create a folder for the mod, add a "main.txt" file to it that loads the mod, and create an archive (e.g. right-click - Send To - Compressed (zipped) folder).
  • Details: This is where you provide a proper description of your mod and any other information.

    Can be a good idea to link to Nuclear Throne Together' page to leave people with less confusion.

    Mentioning the minimum NTT version that your mod works with is also a good idea.

  • Tags: This is what is used for categorization of submissions. A few tags are important:

    • ntt: Should be included for all NTT mods.
    • ntt-mod: Should be included for "global" mods.
    • ntt-race: Should be included for mods that introduce additional characters.
    • ntt-skin: Should be included for mods that introduce new skins for existing characters.
    • ntt-weapon: Should be included for mods that introduce new weapons.
    • ntt-area: Should be included for mods that introduce new areas (or change existing ones).
    • ntt-crown: Should be included for mods that introduce or change crowns.
    • ntt-skill: Should be included for mods that introduce or change mutations.
    • ntt-lang: Should be included for localizations (if you have the main file named "lang.ini", will also be easy to use with u99)

    As per usual, you can also specify additional tags to let people find your mod easier.

  • App store links: Leave untouched to avoid confusion.

  • Download & Install instructions: If there are any non-standard setup steps, this is a place to describe those. Otherwise you can link to the "loading mods" wiki page.
  • Community: You probably should at least have this set to "Comments" to avoid answering same questions multiple times.