Guild Emblem Generator


This is a piece of software that belongs to GW2.FR. It is used on the subdomain and is available for use to the public at


Required packages

  • libcurl3-dev
  • libgd-dev
  • php5
  • php5-curl
  • apache2

Building the binary

  • Production (for an Apache CGI server): make -> emblem.cgi
  • Debug (for command-line debugging): make debug -> debug

Generating an up-to-date color file

The file colors.bin is required by the program in order to generate the emblem.

The command to generate this file is: php colors.php

Generating an emblem

Using the program

  • Production: http://domain/<type>/<guild>[/<size>].png
  • Debug: ./debug <type>/<guild>[/<size>]


  • type must be either name or id
  • guild is the name or id of the guild, depending on the type
  • size is optional, but must be between 16 and 256 if specified

Get the last emblem

The passed argument must be misc/last[/<size>].