EnumLookup is an open source AWK application to look-up a name (enumerator) or a value (an integer) of C enumerations.

For the ease of use on Windows, the AWK script is compiled into an EXE manner and is wrapped into a batch file.


  1. Download a binary distribution (e.g., EnumLookup-2.0-bin.zip) from Downloads page.
  2. Uncompress the binary distribution.
  3. Put the following files at the same directory
    • enum.exe
    • enum.bat
    • your C header files containing enumerations

Getting Started

  1. Install EnumLookup.
  2. Execute enum.bat
  3. Look-up:
    • Key in a number to look-up corresponding names (enumerators);
    • Key in a name (enumerator) to look-up corresponding value (an integer).

Command Line

Usage: enum.exe -v key=value InputFiles
       enum.exe -v cmd=help
       enum.exe -v cmd=version