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Sven-Hendrik Haase
created an issue

Hi, are there any build instructions and is it already even working at all?

The repo seems to be missing quite a few things. Is there any toolchain file? You seem to have forgotten a few files.

As there will be a need to compile all dependencies for Android, why not make a script to download and extract the required versions of all dependencies and also make necessary patches?

Failing that, include pre-patched versions of all dependencies in an archive or even just include the dependencies straight and patch if you need to.

Also, you committed some files which have Windows line endings. Please try to avoid that. It gives a lot of false changes with no "real" changes.

Additionally, could you make micro commits instead of one single big commit? It is hard to see what you changed with such a large commit.

All in all, if you can get this going AND merged upstream, that would be awesome! Kudos to you.

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