Game of Rows

You are the nastiest pirate-- wait, no. The silliest pirate of the seven seas and you left your treasure spread around a deadly cave. Go retrieve it! What were you thinking!

This is the first game I make and the first programming project I finish and boy was it hard. I had to cut many things, like animations and sounds, either because I had no time or didn't know how to make them, and the game is rather short, but I think it is enjoyable even if it lasts five minutes.

My interpretation for minimalism can be seen in the control scheme. You can only move rows (deques) left and right, simple as that.

My heart kept beating faster and faster at the last few minutes and it almost exploded when I saw the compo had ended eleven seconds after I click submit. Then I saw there was another hour to submit the entries... What a relief...

Thank you for playing and good luck with your games! Simon Echeverri/ Zim the Fox.

Istructions: There are a few ways to run the game. If Python 3 is set as your default version of Python, you can click the file. Otherwise you have to run it inside a terminal by going to the game folder, opening a terminal and typing "python3", sans quotation marks.

If you are on a Windows or Linux computer, you can download the game executable and run the game by clicking the "Game of Rows" file. (Sorry Mac users! I don't have a Mac.)

You can get Python from or by doing sudo apt-get python3

Controls: You are the silly pirate, you have to get to your treasure by moving rows either left or right.

WASD, Arrow keys.