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 {% extends "_listing.html"%}
 {% hyde 
-    title: Advanced Tips
+    title: 高阶贴士
     excerpt: True

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 {% extends "_tip.html" %}
-    title: Set Your Username
+    title: 设置用户名
     author_name: Steve Losh
     created: 2009-09-28
 {% block excerpt %}
-Before you start working with Mercurial, you should set your username so
-people will know who you are.
+开始在 Mercurial 中工作之前,应该设置用户名,以便其它同学知道你是谁.
 {% endblock %}
 {% block tip %}
-Whenever you commit something Mercurial will record your name along with the
-commit so you have a record of who made each change. The first step to using
-Mercurial, then, is to tell it who you are!
+这样,不论你在哪儿检入, Mercurial 都将正确的将你的姓名和每一次修订绑定在一齐.
+想达到这种效果,就得首先告诉 Mercurial 你是谁!
-To specify your username, you'll want to [edit your `~/.hgrc` file][hgrc] to
-contain something like this:
+聲明你的用户名,只要修订[`~/.hgrc` 文件][hgrc] 包含类似:
     username = Steve Losh <>

File beginner/index.html

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-    title: Beginner Tips
+    title: 初级贴士
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-    title: 全部技巧 All Tips
+    title: 所有贴士
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