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Commits by ZoomQuiet were pushed to ZoomQuiet/pycamp.qlaunch

1ac43a6 - + 调整了几个ININ 文档的编码为 UTF-8 以便导师跨平台时,方便查阅 + 增补了 doc/README.txt 进一步建议应该记录什么 PS: 有关团队文档,不应该专开分支哪,建议合并回到 default

Commits by inin901109 were pushed to ZoomQuiet/pycamp.qlaunch

1db0cab - 添加3个文件: 1.QL启动介绍文档:110329_QLaunch_Instruction.txt 2.3月29日讨论记录:110329_QL_Discussion.txt 3.Onlyice关于项目的观点:110329_onlyice_ideas&problems.txt
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