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 Note that the term cannot have more than one line of text.
-注意, 条目不能多行.
+注意, 条目本身不能多行.
 Quoted paragraphs (:duref:`ref <block-quotes>`) are created by just indenting
 them more than the surrounding paragraphs.
 ``::`` 标记是智能处置的:
-* If it occurs as a paragraph of its own, that paragraph is completely left
-  out of the document.
-  如果它作为它自己的段落时,该段是彻底离开
-  出的文件。
-* If it is preceded by whitespace, the marker is removed.
-* If it is preceded by non-whitespace, the marker is replaced by a single
-  colon.
-  冒号。
+* 如果作为一个独立段落出现,则和其它文本完全隔离
+* 如果它紧跟有空格,则将被删除不起作用
+* 如果它在非空白字符之前,则替换为普通的单一冒号
+综上,前述示例中的第二段代码引用文本之前的一句会渲染为 "The next paragraph is a code sample:"
 That way, the second sentence in the above example's first paragraph would be
 rendered as "The next paragraph is a code sample:".
 .. _rst-tables:
+表格 Tables
-Two forms of tables are supported.  For *grid tables* (:duref:`ref
-<grid-tables>`), you have to "paint" the cell grid yourself.  They look like
+**网格表** (:duref:`参考 <grid-tables>`),
    | Header row, column 1   | Header 2   | Header 3 | Header 4 |
 limited: they must contain more than one row, and the first column cannot
 contain multiple lines.  They look like this::
+**简单表** (:duref:`参考 <simple-tables>`) 容易点,
    =====  =====  =======
    A      B      A and B
    =====  =====  =======
    =====  =====  =======
+超链接 Hyperlinks
-External links
+外部链接 External links
 Use ```Link text <http://example.com/>`_`` for inline web links.  If the link
 text should be the web address, you don't need special markup at all, the parser
 finds links and mail addresses in ordinary text.
-You can also separate the link and the target definition (:duref:`ref
-<hyperlink-targets>`), like this::
+用 ```Link text <http://example.com/>`_`` 来记录行内链接.
+也可以单独定义链接目标用引用(:duref:`参考 <hyperlink-targets>`),比如::
    This is a paragraph that contains `a link`_.
    .. _a link: http://example.com/
-Internal links
+内部链接 Internal links
 Internal linking is done via a special reST role provided by Sphinx, see the
 section on specific markup, :ref:`ref-role`.
+Sphinx 使用特殊 reST 规则支持内部链接,
+详细参考 :ref:`定义规则 <Mref-role>`
+小节 Sections
 Section headers (:duref:`ref <sections>`) are created by underlining (and
 optionally overlining) the section title with a punctuation character, at least
 as long as the text::
-   =================
-   This is a heading
-   =================
+This is a heading
 Normally, there are no heading levels assigned to certain characters as the
 structure is determined from the succession of headings.  However, for the