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 .. option:: -a
-   If given, always write all output files.  The default is to only write output
-   files for new and changed source files.  (This may not apply to all
-   builders.)
+   一但设置,总是输出所有文件.
+   默认是只输出有更新的. (这一选项不是所有构筑器都支持)
 .. option:: -E
-   Don't use a saved :term:`environment` (the structure caching all
-   cross-references), but rebuild it completely.  The default is to only read
-   and parse source files that are new or have changed since the last run.
+   不使用保存的 :term:`environment` (缓存了所有交叉索引),而是重建一切.
+   默认是只读取和处置相对前次构筑有变化的文件.
 .. option:: -t tag
-   Define the tag *tag*.  This is relevant for :rst:dir:`only` directives that only
-   include their content if this tag is set.
+    定义标签 *tag*.  这是有关 :rst:dir:`only` 指令的,
+    将仅处理指定标签目录中的内容.
    .. versionadded:: 0.6
 .. option:: -d path
-   Since Sphinx has to read and parse all source files before it can write an
-   output file, the parsed source files are cached as "doctree pickles".
-   Normally, these files are put in a directory called :file:`.doctrees` under
-   the build directory; with this option you can select a different cache
-   directory (the doctrees can be shared between all builders).
+   因为 Sphinx 在输出前将尽力读取和处理所有源文件,
+   处理中的源文件将缓存在 "doctree pickles",通常会在构筑目录的 :file:`.doctrees` 文件夹里.
+   这个参数可以由你选择缓存目录( :file:`.doctrees` 文件夹可以为所有构筑器共享)
 .. option:: -c path
-   Don't look for the :file:`` in the source directory, but use the given
-   configuration directory instead.  Note that various other files and paths
-   given by configuration values are expected to be relative to the
-   configuration directory, so they will have to be present at this location
-   too.
+   不用到源文件目录找 :file:`` ,
+   使用指定的配置文件.
+   注意在配置文件中提及的路径都是相对配置文件所在目录的,
+   所以,他们也应该在同一路径中.
    .. versionadded:: 0.3
 .. option:: -C
-   Don't look for a configuration file; only take options via the ``-D`` option.
+   不寻找配置文件,使用参数 ``-D`` 给出的.
    .. versionadded:: 0.5
 .. option:: -D setting=value
-   Override a configuration value set in the :file:`` file.  The value
-   must be a string or dictionary value.  For the latter, supply the setting
-   name and key like this: ``-D latex_elements.docclass=scrartcl``.  For boolean
-   values, use ``0`` or ``1`` as the value.
+   覆盖配置文件 :file:`` 中的设置.
+   该设置必须是一个字符串或字典值.
+   对于后者,可以这样来设置键值: ``- D latex_elements.docclass= scrartcl``
+   对于布尔值用 ``0`` 或 ``1`` .
    .. versionchanged:: 0.6
-      The value can now be a dictionary value.
+      现在可以使用字典值了.
 .. option:: -A name=value
-   Make the *name* assigned to *value* in the HTML templates.
+   对HTML 模板中的 *name* 绑定 *value* .
    .. versionadded:: 0.5
 .. option:: -n
-   Run in nit-picky mode.  Currently, this generates warnings for all missing
-   references.
+   以挑剔模式运行.目前,这将产生所有引用丢失的警告.
 .. option:: -N
-   Do not emit colored output.  (On Windows, colored output is disabled in any
-   case.)
+   不要产生颜色输出
+   (在Windows,这不是个选项,因为根本没有)
 .. option:: -q
-   Do not output anything on standard output, only write warnings and errors to
-   standard error.
+   不要输出任何信息.仅将报警和错误输出到标准错误.
 .. option:: -Q
-   Do not output anything on standard output, also suppress warnings.  Only
-   errors are written to standard error.
+   不要输出任何信息,包括控制警报.仅将报警和错误输出到标准错误.
 .. option:: -w file
-   Write warnings (and errors) to the given file, in addition to standard error.
+   将警告(和错误)写入给定的文件,代替标准错误的输出.
 .. option:: -W
-   Turn warnings into errors.  This means that the build stops at the first
-   warning and ``sphinx-build`` exits with exit status 1.
+   将警告变为错误,这意味着只要遇到警告就会终止构筑, ``sphinx-build`` 的退出状态将是 1.
 .. option:: -P
-   (Useful for debugging only.)  Run the Python debugger, :mod:`pdb`, if an
-   unhandled exception occurs while building.
+   (仅在调试时有用)  在构筑文档时,发生未处理的异常就运行Python 调试器, :mod:`pdb`
-You can also give one or more filenames on the command line after the source and
-build directories.  Sphinx will then try to build only these output files (and
-their dependencies).
+Sphinx 将尝试只对给出的文件(以及它们依赖的)进行构筑.
-Makefile options
+.. You can also give one or more filenames on the command line after the source and build directories.  Sphinx will then try to build only these output files (and their dependencies).
+Makefile 配置
-The :file:`Makefile` and :file:`make.bat` files created by
-:program:`sphinx-quickstart` usually run :program:`sphinx-build` only with the
-:option:`-b` and :option:`-d` options.  However, they support the following
-variables to customize behavior:
+:file:`Makefile` 和 :file:`make.bat` 是由 :program:`sphinx-quickstart` 创建的,
+通常我们使用只有 :option:`-b` 和 :option:`-d` 选项的 program:`sphinx-build` 来完成文档构筑.
 .. describe:: PAPER
-   The value for :confval:`latex_paper_size`.
+   配置项 :confval:`latex_paper_size` 的值
 .. describe:: SPHINXBUILD
-   The command to use instead of ``sphinx-build``.
+   替代 ``sphinx-build`` 的命令
 .. describe:: BUILDDIR
-   The build directory to use instead of the one chosen in
-   :program:`sphinx-quickstart`.
+   替代在 :program:`sphinx-quickstart` 中指定的构筑目录.
 .. describe:: SPHINXOPTS
-   Additional options for :program:`sphinx-build`.
+   :program:`sphinx-build` 的附加选项.