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+ 0.5H rST 一节

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 import re
 import sphinx
-extensions = ['sphinx.ext.autodoc', 
+extensions = [
+    'sphinx.ext.autodoc', 
-    #'sphinx.ext.extlinks'
+    'sphinx.ext.extlinks'
 master_doc = 'contents'

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       Sphnix 使用相对于 term:`资源目录` 的:dfn:`document names` 来统一这些问题,
         - ``index``
         - ``library/zipfile``
         - ``reference/datamodel/types``
       注意: 不能前导正斜线!
 reStructuredText 入门
-This section is a brief introduction to reStructuredText (reST) concepts and
-syntax, intended to provide authors with enough information to author documents
-productively.  Since reST was designed to be a simple, unobtrusive markup
-language, this will not take too long.
+本节简要介绍了 新结构化文本 ~ reStructuredText的 (reST)的概念和语法,
+由于 reST 被设计成一个简单的,不显眼的标记语言,
 .. seealso::
-   The authoritative `reStructuredText User Documentation
-   <>`_.  The "ref" links in this
-   document link to the description of the individual constructs in the reST
-   reference.
+   权威 `新结构化文本用户文档 <>`_
+   在文章的 "ref" 链接中,有reST 各种结构的描述可供参考.
+段落 Paragraphs
-The paragraph (:duref:`ref <paragraphs>`) is the most basic block in a reST
-document.  Paragraphs are simply chunks of text separated by one or more blank
-lines.  As in Python, indentation is significant in reST, so all lines of the
-same paragraph must be left-aligned to the same level of indentation.
+段落( :duref:`参考 <paragraphs>` )是 reST 文章中最常见的文本块.
+同Python中的约定,在 reST 中使用缩进来标识,
+因此, 所有同级段落,必须左对齐,使用同级缩进.
 .. _inlinemarkup:
-Inline markup
+行内标记 Inline markup
-The standard reST inline markup is quite simple: use
+标准的reST 行内标记很简单:
-* one asterisk: ``*text*`` for emphasis (italics),
-* two asterisks: ``**text**`` for strong emphasis (boldface), and
-* backquotes: ````text```` for code samples.
+* 单星号: ``*文本*`` 得 *强调* (斜体 :sup:`对中文一般效果不好`) ,
+* 双星号: ``**文本**`` 得 **加重** (加黑),
+* 反引号: ````文本```` 得 代码引用.
 If asterisks or backquotes appear in running text and could be confused with
 inline markup delimiters, they have to be escaped with a backslash.