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-reST supports an image directive (:dudir:`ref <image>`), used like so::
+reST 支持图片指令 (:dudir:`ref <image>`), 这样使用::
    .. image:: gnu.png
-When used within Sphinx, the file name given (here ``gnu.png``) must either be
-relative to the source file, or absolute which means that they are relative to
-the top source directory.  For example, the file ``sketch/spam.rst`` could refer
-to the image ``images/spam.png`` as ``../images/spam.png`` or
+在Sphinx 中使用时,
+给入的文件名 (此处是 ``gnu.png``) 必须是相对源文件目录的路径,
+比如说, 文件 ``sketch/spam.rst`` 可以用路径 ``../images/spam.png`` 或 ``/images/spam.png``.
+来引用图片 ``images/spam.png``
 Sphinx will automatically copy image files over to a subdirectory of the output
 directory on building (e.g. the ``_static`` directory for HTML output.)
+Sphinx 会自动将图片复制到构筑输出目录中的相关子目录
+(e.g. HTML输出时的 ``_static`` 目录.)
 Interpretation of image size options (``width`` and ``height``) is as follows:
 if the size has no unit or the unit is pixels, the given size will only be
 respected for output channels that support pixels (i.e. not in LaTeX output).
 Other units (like ``pt`` for points) will be used for HTML and LaTeX output.
+图片尺寸的解释选项 (``width`` 和 ``height``)有如下规约:
+其他单位(如 ``pt`` 或是 点) 将被用于HTML和LaTeX输出.
 Sphinx extends the standard docutils behavior by allowing an asterisk for the
+Sphinx 扩展了标准 docutils 行为,支持如下的星号指代::
    .. image:: gnu.*
 For instance, if the file name ``gnu.*`` was given and two files :file:`gnu.pdf`
 and :file:`gnu.png` existed in the source tree, the LaTeX builder would choose
 the former, while the HTML builder would prefer the latter.
+Sphinx 会搜索所有匹配所提供模式的图片,
+如果给定文件名是 ``gnu.*`` ,
+源代码树中有两个文件 :file:`gnu.pdf` 和 :file:`gnu.png` ,
+LaTeX 构筑器会选择前者,
+HTML 构筑器更倾向于后者.
 .. versionchanged:: 0.4
-   Added the support for file names ending in an asterisk.
+   增加了文件名的星号后缀支持.
 .. versionchanged:: 0.6
-   Image paths can now be absolute.
+   开始支持绝对路径的图片
+脚注  Footnotes
-For footnotes (:duref:`ref <footnotes>`), use ``[#name]_`` to mark the footnote
-location, and add the footnote body at the bottom of the document after a
+and add the footnote body at the bottom of the document after a
 "Footnotes" rubric heading, like so::
+脚注 (:duref:`参考 <footnotes>`), 使用 ``[#name]_`` 来标记位置,
+并在文章底部 "Footnotes" 专栏之后追加脚注内容,如下使用::
    Lorem ipsum [#f1]_ dolor sit amet ... [#f2]_
 You can also explicitly number the footnotes (``[1]_``) or use auto-numbered
 footnotes without names (``[#]_``).
+可以使用确切编号的脚注 (如: ``[1]_``)
+或是自动编号(用 ``[#]_``).
+引证 Citations
-Standard reST citations (:duref:`ref <citations>`) are supported, with the
+标准 reST 支持引证 (:duref:`参考 <citations>`) , 
+with the
 additional feature that they are "global", i.e. all citations can be referenced
 from all files.  Use them like so::
+有额外的功能是 "global",
    Lorem ipsum [Ref]_ dolor sit amet.
 Citation usage is similar to footnote usage, but with a label that is not
 numeric or begins with ``#``.
+引证 的使用基本和脚注相同,
+不过使用的标签不是数字或是以 ``#`` 开始.