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ZyX_I  committed 58fb751

Did some renamings: ansi_color to ansi_esc and echo to echom

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             \  '[\x01-\x0f]|'.
             \  '\e\([AB0])'
 let s:seq_reg='\v'.s:seq_reg.'@<=|'.s:seq_reg.'@='
-function s:r.echom(str)
+function s:r.echo(str)
     let chunks=split(a:str, s:seq_reg)
     let lines={'lines': [{'line': '',
                 \         'reverts': [{'colors': {'0': {'hl': 'None'}},
     call s:F.echo(lines)
 "▶1 post resource
-call s:_f.postresource('ansi_color', s:r)
+call s:_f.postresource('ansi_esc', s:r)
 unlet s:r
 call frawor#Lockvar(s:, 'hls')