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Fixed textdisplaywidth call

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 "▶2 Tab
 function s:ctl.x09(lines)
     call s:F.addtext(a:lines,
-                \    repeat(' ', 8-s:F.textdisplaywidth(a:lines.text)/8))
+                \    repeat(' ', 8-s:F.textdisplaywidth(a:lines)/8))
 "▶2 New line
 function s:ctl.x0A(lines)
     echohl None
-"▶1 echom
+"▶1 echo
 let s:csi_start="\e["
 let s:seq_reg='(\e\[?\??#?[0-9;]*[a-zA-Z@=>]|'.
             \  '\e\]\d;.{-}\x07|'.
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