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This plugin provides a vim <--> VCS (currently mercurial, git and subversion) integration for your projects. Features:

  • Partially committing changes (:AuRecord).

  • Viewing file state at particular revision (aurum://file, :AuFile).

  • Viewing uncommited changes in a vimdiff, as well as changes between specific revisions (:AuVimDiff). It is also possible to open multiple tabs with all changes to all files viewed as side-by-side diffs.

  • Viewing revisions log (:AuLog). Output is highly customizable.

  • Viewing working directory status (:AuStatus).

  • Commiting changes (:AuCommit), commit messages are remembered in case of rollback (g:aurum_remembermsg).

  • Obtaining various URL’s out of remote repository URL (like URL of the HTML version of the current file with URL fragment pointing to the current line attached: useful for sharing) (:AuHyperlink). For mercurial it also supports git and subversion revisions (in case you are using hg-git and hgsubversion respectively).

  • aurum#changeset(), aurum#repository() and aurum#status() functions that are to be used from modeline.

  • Frontends for various other VCS commands.

Most commands can be reached with a set of mappings (see aurum-mappings), all mappings are customizable.

Plugin’s mercurial driver is able to use mercurial python API as well as its CLI, but remember that the former is much slower and less tested. In order to use mercurial python API you must have vim compiled with +python (mercurial currently does not support python 3) and have mercurial in python’s sys.path (note: on windows msi installer is not adding mercurial to sys.path, so you won’t be able to use its python API).

Plugin requires some additional plugins:

(with their dependencies).

Note: aurum supports VAM. It is prefered that you use it for aurum installation.

Documentation is available online at

Recent activity


ZyX_I pushed 3 commits to ZyX_I/aurum

3355f25 - Do not let buffer created by stay
095aa58 - Fix git tests
597dbdc - Fix when working with unnamed buffers it may not restore PWD

ZyX_I stripped a842889 from ZyX_I/aurum

Run hg strip a842889dbefc3784834f82839f7b8953 on your local copy


ZyX_I pushed 1 commit to ZyX_I/aurum

3e353c3 - Also fix similar bug in case exiting is done by switching to status buffer

ZyX_I pushed 4 commits to ZyX_I/aurum

0a9599e - Fix writing file when exiting record mode from left buffer
7b8b6a0 - Add missing \C where appropriate
87f00d8 - Add explicit \C to all diffre patterns
42878cf - Hypsites changes for Untested.

ZyX_I pushed 1 commit to ZyX_I/aurum

4d7525e - Fix function in case it is run not in the last tab

ZyX_I pushed 3 commits to ZyX_I/aurum

7daba6d - Updated package version, added tag
a72ae00 - Remove wrong mapping that adds children property
fd701f5 - Fix renames handling for mercurial
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