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ZyX_I  committed 0eb71b5

@%aurum/maputils: Added message that is shown in case no plugins are installed
docs: Fixed typo
Added note about what will happen after installing more then one of these plugins

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File autoload/aurum/maputils.vim

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 execute frawor#Setup('0.0', {'@/resources': '0.0',
             \                       '@/os': '0.0',})
 let s:_messages={
+            \'plinst': 'If you install Command-T, Ctrlp or FuzzyFinder '.
+            \          'you will be prompted with much less sucking interface',
 let s:r={}
 "▶1 update
         lockvar s:plug
     if s:plug is -1
+        call s:_f.warn('plinst')
         let choice=inputlist(['Select file (0 to cancel):']+
                     \        map(copy(a:files), '(v:key+1).". ".v:val'))
         if choice

File doc/aurum.txt

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 - All buffers that define mappings also define Exit mapping (with default 
 - OpenAny/AnnotateAny mappings require one of Command-T, Ctrlp or FuzzyFinder 
-  plugins installed. Otherwise they will show inputdialog() unusable with 
-  large number of files.
+  plugins installed. Otherwise they will show |inputlist()| that is unusable 
+  with large number of files.
+  Note: currently if you install two or all of them the behavior is undefined 
+        (depends on how keys “commandt”, “ctrlp” and “fuf” are arranged inside 
+        a |Dictionary|).
 aurum://annotate:{repo}:{rev}:{file}                        *aurum://annotate*
     Annotate file {file} from repository {repo} at revision {rev}.