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ZyX_I  committed 18b1e28

ftplugin/aurumlog: Fixed #33 (wrong list used for file selection dialog)
Replaced :AuLog ignfiles diff with :AuLog ignfiles open in
some cases
doc: Documented :AuLog ignfiles diff option value
Added a note that git and subversion revisions are now supported by
mercurial driver

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     rollback (|g:aurum_remembermsg|).
   - Obtaining various URL’s out of remote repository URL (like URL of the HTML 
     version of the current file with URL fragment pointing to the current line 
-    attached: useful for sharing) (|:AuHyperlink|).
+    attached: useful for sharing) (|:AuHyperlink|). For mercurial it also 
+    supports git and subversion revisions (in case you are using hg-git and 
+    hgsubversion respectively).
   - |aurum#changeset()|, |aurum#repository()| and |aurum#status()| functions 
     that are to be used from modeline.
   - Frontends for various other VCS commands.
     template    Variable name. Specifies variable from which template should 
                 be loaded.
-    ignfiles    One of “patch”, “renames”, “copies”, “files”. May be specified 
-                more then once. Overrides |g:aurum_ignorefiles|. Determines 
-                when “files” option will be ignored:
+    ignfiles    One of “patch”, “renames”, “copies”, “files”, “diff”, 
+                “mappings”. May be specified more then once. Overrides 
+                |g:aurum_ignorefiles|. Determines when “files” option will be 
+                ignored:
                   Value    Description ~
                   patch    “patch” and “stat” will always show full changeset 
                            patch or statistics.
                   renames  “showrenames” will always show all renamed files.
                   copies   “showcopies” will always show all copied files.
                   files    “showfiles” will always show all changed files.
+                  diff     AuLog Fdiff and RFdiff mappings will show changes 
+                           done to all changed files.
+                  open     AuLog Diff, Rdiff, Vdiff, RVdiff, File, Open and 
+                           Annotate mappings will show all changed files in 
+                           file selection dialog.
     cmd         Command. Determines which command should be used to open log.
                 Default: “silent new”.
     [no]stat    Flag. Determines whether summary of changes should be shown.

File ftplugin/aurumlog.vim

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             \    'noprev': 'Can’t find any revision before %s',
             \    'nonext': 'Can’t find any revision after %s',
             \    'nopars': 'Revision %s has no parents',
+            \  'novfiles': 'No viewable files found for revision %s',
+            \'novfilesff': 'No viewable files found for revision %s. '.
+            \              'Consider using “open” value of ignfiles option',
 let s:ignkeys=['crrestrict', 'filepats', 'revs', 'cmd', 'repo']
 "▶1 findCurSpecial :: bvar, hex, blockstart + cursor → special
             let file=cs.files[0]
             if has_key(bvar.opts, 'files') &&
-                        \!has_key(bvar.opts.ignorefiles, 'diff')
+                        \!has_key(bvar.opts.ignorefiles, 'open')
                 let files=copy(bvar.opts.csfiles[hex])
                 call filter(files, 'index(cs.files, v:val)!=-1')
+                if empty(files)
+                    call s:_f.throw('novfilesff', hex)
+                endif
                 let files=copy(cs.files)
+                if empty(files)
+                    call s:_f.throw('novfiles', hex)
+                endif
             let choice=inputlist(['Select file (0 to cancel):']+
                         \        map(files, '(v:key+1).". ".v:val'))
             if choice
-                let file=cs.files[choice-1]
+                let file=files[choice-1]

File plugin/aurum/log.vim

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 let s:logfunc['@FWC']=['-onlystrings '.
             \          '['.s:_r.cmdutils.nogetrepoarg.']'.
             \          '{ *?files    (type "")'.
-            \          '  *?ignfiles in [patch renames copies files] ~start'.
+            \          '  *?ignfiles in [patch renames copies files mappings] '.
+            \                          '~start'.
             \          '   ?date     match /\v[<>]?\=?'.s:datereg.'|'.
             \                                 s:datereg.'\<\=?\>'.s:datereg.'/'.
             \          '   ?search   isreg'.