ZyX_I committed 1f637ca

Add deffuncs export in @%aurum/repo

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-execute frawor#Setup('5.6', { '@/resources': '0.0',
+execute frawor#Setup('5.7', { '@/resources': '0.0',
             \                        '@/os': '0.0',
             \                   '@/options': '0.0',
             \                    '@/python': '1.0',
 "▶1 Post resource
 call s:_f.postresource('repo', {'get': s:F.getrepo,
-            \        'userepeatedcmd': s:userepeatedcmd})
+            \        'userepeatedcmd': s:userepeatedcmd,
+            \          'defaultfuncs': s:deffuncs})
 "▶1 regdriver feature
 let s:requiredfuncs=['repo', 'getcs', 'checkdir']
 let s:optfuncs=['readfile', 'annotate', 'diff', 'status', 'commit', 'update',
          |aurum-rf-aget| and |aurum-rf-aremove|.
     5.5: Added |aurum-rf-apause| and |aurum-rf-aresume|.
     5.6: Added |aurum-rf-strip|.
+    5.7: Now exporting default functions in _r.repo.defaultfuncs
     0.1: Added |:AuBranch| and |:AuName|.
     0.2: Added |:AuOther|.
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