ZyX_I committed 38dcaaf

@%aurum/annotate: Fixed annotation of uncommited files
Fixes #61

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             \                          '@aurum': '1.0',
             \                     '@/resources': '0.0',
             \                         '@/table': '0.1',})
+let s:_messages={
+            \'nocsfile': 'File “%s” is not present in changeset %s '.
+            \            'from the repository %s',
+        \}
 "▶1 formatann :: repo, cs, lnum, numlen → String
 function s:F.formatann(repo, cs, lnum, numlen)
     if !has_key(self, a:cs.hex)
     if rev is 0
         let rev=repo.functions.getworkhex(repo)
+    let allfiles=repo.functions.getcsprop(repo, rev, 'allfiles')
+    if index(allfiles, file)==-1
+        call s:_f.throw('nocsfile', file, rev, repo.path)
+    endif
     if hasannbuf==2
         let hasannbuf=!repo.functions.dirty(repo, file)
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