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tests: Added source aurum://file tests

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 :W{{{1 :read
 :W{{{2 aurum://annotate
-:Run! read aurum://annotate:cmdausrepo:tip:chgrepo.zsh
-:%delete _
+:Run! silent read aurum://annotate:cmdausrepo:tip:chgrepo.zsh
+:silent %delete _
 :W{{{2 aurum://diff
-:Run! read aurum://diff:cmdausrepo:-2:-1::dates:0
-:%delete _
+:Run! silent read aurum://diff:cmdausrepo:-2:-1::dates:0
+:silent %delete _
 :W{{{2 aurum://file
-:Run! read aurum://file:cmdausrepo:0:createrepo.zsh
-:%delete _
+:Run! silent read aurum://file:cmdausrepo:0:createrepo.zsh
+:silent %delete _
 :W{{{2 aurum://log
-:Run! read aurum://log:cmdausrepo:limit:1,revision:tip,files:chgrepo.zsh
-:%delete _
+:Run! silent read aurum://log:cmdausrepo:limit:1,revision:tip,files:chgrepo.zsh
+:silent %delete _
 :W{{{2 aurum://status
-:Run! read aurum://status:cmdausrepo:files:added\%a
-:%delete _
+:Run! silent read aurum://status:cmdausrepo:files:added\%a
+:silent %delete _
+:W{{{1 :source aurum://file
+:silent bwipeout!
+:R silent edit newfile.vim
+iW First line of a new file:silent write
+:silent AuTrack
+:silent AuCommit message Added\ newfile.vim
+oW Second line of a new file:silent write
+:silent AuCommit message Added\ second\ line\ to\ newfile.vim
+:W{{{2 revision -2
+:source aurum://file:cmdausrepo:-2:newfile.vim
+:W{{{2 revision tip
+:source aurum://file:cmdausrepo:tip:newfile.vim
+:source addmessages.vim

File test/cmdaus.ok

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