ZyX_I committed 51ddb9b

Added renames recognition to syntax/aurumgraphlog.vim

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-syn match auGlogLineStart /\v^[@o|+\-\/\\ ]+/ nextgroup=auGlogChangeset,auGlogCommit,auGlogTag,auGlogBookmark,auGlogMessage,auGlogFiles,auGlogDiffStart
+syn match auGlogLineStart /\v^[@o|+\-\/\\ ]+/ nextgroup=auGlogChangeset,auGlogCommit,auGlogTag,auGlogBookmark,auGlogMessage,auGlogFiles,auGlogDiffStart,auGlogRename
 syn match auGlogChangeset         /Changeset / contained nextgroup=auGlogChangesetNum
 syn match auGlogChangesetNum      /\v\d+/      contained nextgroup=auGlogChangesetSep
 syn match auGlogChangesetSep      /:/          contained nextgroup=auGlogChangesetHexStart
 syn match auGlogTag           /Tag: /             contained nextgroup=auGlogTagName
 syn match auGlogTag           /Tags: /            contained nextgroup=auGlogTagNames
-syn match auGlogTagNames      /\v%(%(, )@!.)+/    contained nextgroup=auGlogTagSep
+syn match auGlogTagNames      /\v.{-1,}\V\ze, /   contained nextgroup=auGlogTagSep
 syn match auGlogTagSep        /, /                contained nextgroup=auGlogTagNames
 syn match auGlogTagName       /\v.*/              contained
 syn match auGlogFiles         /Files: /           contained nextgroup=auGlogFile
-syn match auGlogFile          /\v%(%(, )@!.)+/    contained nextgroup=auGlogFileSep
+syn match auGlogFile          /\v.{-1,}\V\ze, /   contained nextgroup=auGlogFileSep
 syn match auGlogFileSep       /, /                contained nextgroup=auGlogFile
-syn cluster Diff contains=auGlogDiffFile,auGlogDiffOldFile,auGlogDiffNewFile,auGlogDiffAdded,auGlogDiffRemoved
-syn match auGlogDiffStart     /:/                 contained nextgroup=@Diff
+syn cluster auGlogDiff contains=auGlogDiffFile,auGlogDiffOldFile,auGlogDiffNewFile,auGlogDiffAdded,auGlogDiffRemoved
+syn match auGlogDiffStart     /:/                 contained nextgroup=@auGlogDiff
 syn match auGlogDiffAdded     /\V+\.\*/           contained
 syn match auGlogDiffRemoved   /\V-\.\*/           contained
 syn match auGlogDiffFile      /\vdiff.*/          contained
 syn match auGlogDiffNewFile   /\V+++ \.\*/        contained
 syn match auGlogDiffOldFile   /\V--- \.\*/        contained
+syn match auGlogRename        /Renamed /          contained nextgroup=auGlogOldName
+syn match auGlogOldName       /\v.{-1,}\V\ze to / contained nextgroup=auGlogRenameSep
+syn match auGlogRenameSep     /\V to /            contained nextgroup=auGlogNewName
+syn match auGlogNewName       /\v.*/              contained
 hi def link auGlogChangeset         Special
 hi def link auGlogChangesetNum      Statement
 hi def link auGlogChangesetSep      Comment
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