ZyX_I committed 6047a01

@aurum: Removed @aurum/log/templates dependency. It led to the third place where
template should be listed though, maybe I should consider putting them
into separate files under config/

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 let s:_messages={
             \'nocontents': 'Log is empty',
             \      'ebuf': 'Switched to another buffer: exiting',
+            \   'tnmatch': 'Completion template list and '.
+            \              'actual template list do not match',
 " iterfuncs :: {fname: { "start": startfunc, "next": nextfunc }}
 " startfunc (always) :: repo, opts, * → d
 let s:iterfuncs={}
+" XXX Check that completion and actual template lists match. This is needed to 
+"     prevent @aurum from depending on aurum/log/templates
+if sort(s:_r.template.tlist) !=# sort(s:_r.tlist)
+    call s:_f.warn('tnmatch')
 "▶1 addcols
 function s:F.addcols(special, cnum)
     let mapexpr='[v:val[0], v:val[1]+'.a:cnum.']+v:val[2:]'
     0.4: Added |:AuHyperlink| lines.
     1.0: Splitted into a number of plugins, added aurumcmd feature and 
          a number of resources.
     1.0: Removed setlines function (moved it to @aurum/repo).
     1.1: Added “requiresbvar” _f.newcommand option.
     1.2: Added “mgroup” _f.newcommand option and mrun resource
          getexsttrckdfiles _r.cmdutils functions.
     3.0: Removed _r.cmdutils.nogetrepoarg.
     3.1: Added _r.cmdutils.update (moved from @aurum/repo).
     0.1: Added |aurum#branch()| function.
     0.1: Added _r.cache.del().
             \                     '@/fwc': '0.3',
             \            '@/autocommands': '0.0',
             \               '@/resources': '0.0',
-            \              '@aurum/cache': '1.0',
-            \      '@aurum/log/templates': '0.0',})
+            \              '@aurum/cache': '1.0',})
 "▶1 Messages
 let s:_messages={
             \'afail': 'Failed to load aurum:// function from %s',
             \                      ' ! +1?limit    range 1 inf'.
             \                      '     ?revision '.s:revarg.
             \                      '   +2?revrange '.s:revarg.' '.s:revarg.
-            \                      '     ?style    in _r.template.tlist'.
+            \                      '     ?style    in tlist'.
             \                      '     ?template idof variable'.
             \                      ' !   ?merges'.
             \                      ' !   ?patch'.
 let s:ignfiles=['patch', 'renames', 'copies', 'files', 'diff', 'open']
 call s:_f.postresource('ignfiles', s:ignfiles)
 call s:_f.postresource('diffopts', s:diffoptslst)
+let s:tlist=['default', 'compact', 'git', 'svn', 'hgdef', 'hgdescr', 'cdescr',
+            \'gitoneline']
+call s:_f.postresource('tlist', s:tlist)
 "▶1 Completion helpers
 let s:compcmds=['new', 'vnew', 'edit',
             \   'leftabove vnew', 'rightbelow vnew',


 call s:_f.postresource('template', {'syntax': s:F.syntax,
             \                      'compile': s:F.compile,
             \              'gettemplatelist': s:F.gettemplatelist,
-            \                        'tlist': sort(keys(s:templates))})
+            \                        'tlist': keys(s:templates)})
 call frawor#Lockvar(s:, '_r,_pluginloaded,compilecache,parsecache,syncache')
 " vim: ft=vim ts=4 sts=4 et fmr=▶,▲
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