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Add missing fullundo option description

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     Default: winheight/5 (in empty tab |winheight()| will return roughly the 
              same value as 'lines').
+fullundo                                                    *g:aurum_fullundo*
+    Boolean. Determines whether full undo tree should be kept for status 
+    window. With this option you will be able to undo changes done while using 
+    |aurum-m-AuRecord_Edit| and redo them (note: changes are atomic: undo 
+    information for edited files is not kept and all changes done during 
+    editing are squashed in one change no matter how often do you save). 
+    Without this option each time you use |aurum-m-AuRecord_Edit| undo history 
+    is discarded. This option keeps edited version in memory thus set it to 
+    true if you use |:AuRecord| to partially commit large files.
+    Default: 1.
 diffopts                                                    *g:aurum_diffopts*
     Dictionary. For possible keys see |aurum-diffoptions| (no truncations are 
     allowed, flags should be turned into “{option : 0}” for “nooption”,