ZyX_I committed 75c791b

Greatly improved new_repo function perfomance

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     let repo={}
     let s:repos[a:path]=repo
     execute 'aurum.new_repo(vim.eval("a:path"))'
-    for cs in values(repo.changesets)
+    call map(copy(repo.cslist), 'extend(repo.changesets, {v:val.hex : v:val})')
+    for cs in repo.cslist
         let cs.parents=map(copy(cs.parents_hex), 'repo.changesets[v:val]')
         let cs.children=map(copy(cs.children_hex), 'repo.changesets[v:val]')
 from mercurial import hg, ui
 import vim
+import json
-def vim_escape(string):
-    # XXX works only in eval: NLs!
-    return "'"+str(string).replace("'", "''")+"'"
 def get_repo(path):
     if(path not in repositories):
         repositories[path]=hg.repository(ui, path)
 def new_repo(path):
+    repo_vim={}
-    vim.command('let repo.cscount='+str(cscount))
-    vim.command('let repo.changesets={}')
-    vim.command('let repo.cslist=[]')
-    vim.command('let repo.work_hex="'+repo['.'].hex()+'"')
+    repo_vim['cscount']=cscount
+    repo_vim['changesets']={}
+    repo_vim['cslist']=[{'rev': i,
+                 'parents_hex': [],
+                'children_hex': [],
+                       'files': [],} for i in range(0, cscount+1)]
+    repo_vim['work_hex']=repo['.'].hex()
     while curcsnum<=cscount:
-        vim.command('let cs={}')
-        vim.command('let cs.rev='+str(curcsnum))
-        vim.command('let cs.hex="'+cs.hex()+'"')
-        vim.command('let repo.changesets[cs.hex]=cs')
-        vim.eval('add(repo.cslist, cs)')
-        vim.command('let cs.parents_hex=[]')
+        cs_vim=repo_vim['cslist'][curcsnum]
+        cs_vim.__setitem__('hex', cs.hex())
         for parent in cs.parents():
-            vim.eval('add(cs.parents_hex, "'+parent.hex()+'")')
-        vim.command('let cs.children_hex=[]')
-        for child in cs.children():
-            vim.eval('add(cs.children_hex, "'+child.hex()+'")')
-        vim.command('let cs.files=[]')
-        for file in cs:
-            vim.eval('add(cs.files, '+vim_escape(file)+')')
+            cs_vim['parents_hex'].append(parent.hex())
+            repo_vim['cslist'][parent.rev()]['children_hex'].append(cs_vim['hex'])
+        for file in cs.files():
+            cs_vim['files'].append(file)
+    vim.eval('extend(repo, '+json.dumps(repo_vim)+')')
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