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ZyX_I  committed 88c97a7

Launch write only on BufLeave

Reason: with BufWinLeave buffer being written (the current one) is sometimes not
the same as buffer autocommand was created for. Thus as I don’t know
a way to write another buffer without switching to it and a big bunch of
possible undesired side effects of switching BufWinLeave event was

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File autoload/aurum/record.vim

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         call s:F.edit(a:bvar, 'aurum://edit:'.fullpath, 0)
         if s:_f.getoption('recautowrite')
             augroup AuRecordAutowrite
-                autocmd! BufWinLeave,BufLeave <buffer> nested
-                            \ write
+                autocmd! BufLeave <buffer> nested write
             augroup END
         if a:bvar.undo_full