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ZyX_I  committed 9eb9d12

ftplugin/aurumstatus: Fixed the bug of opening two diffs when using D/C with one file
@%aurum/vimdiff: Made vertical split also default when using vimdiff.split

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File autoload/aurum/vimdiff.vim

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     call s:_f.mapgroup.map('AuVimDiff', bufnr('%'))
     "▶2 Open subsequent revisions
     let i=1
-    let vertical=(stridx(&diffopt, 'vertical')!=-1)
+    let vertical=(stridx(&diffopt, 'horizontal')==-1)
     for rev in a:revs[1:]
         if !has_key(a:fdescr, i) || a:fdescr[i] is# 'added'
                     \            || a:fdescr[i] is# 'unknown'

File ftplugin/aurumstatus.vim

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         call s:_r.mrun('silent edit', 'diff', bvar.repo, rev1,  '',  files, {})
     elseif a:action is# 'diff'
         call s:_r.mrun('silent edit', 'diff', bvar.repo, rev1, rev2, files, {})
-    elseif a:action is# 'revvimdiff' || a:action is# 'vimdiff'
+    elseif manyfiles && (a:action is# 'revvimdiff' || a:action is# 'vimdiff')
         let args=[bvar.repo]
         if a:action is# 'revvimdiff'
             let cs1=bvar.repo.functions.getcs(bvar.repo, rev1)