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ZyX_I  committed b9a6d6a

@aurum/cmdutils: Now :AuCommit called in a diff buffer wants to commit only file
whose diff is under the cursor. Fixes #7

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 function s:rrf.annotate(bvar, opts, ann, failmsg)
     let r={}
     let r.repo=a:bvar.repo
-    let r.file=a:bvar.files[line('.')-1]
-    if a:ann!=-2
+    if a:ann==-2
+        let r.file=a:bvar.file
+    else
+        let r.file=a:bvar.files[line('.')-1]
         if !has_key(a:opts, 'rev')
             let r.rev=a:bvar.revisions[line('.')-1]
             if r.rev is# r.repo.functions.getrevhex(r.repo, a:bvar.rev)