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@aurum/log: Allow one character after t, T, f or F

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           character commands. There is a hack though that allows you to bypass 
           this problem:
             Input    Action ~
-            g, z, y, `, ', m, [, ], @, q, Z, <C-w>
+            g, z, y, `, ', m, [, ], @, q, Z, <C-w>, t, T, f, F
                      Waits until you type next character
             /, ?, :, !
                      Waits until you type <CR> ("\r" or "\n") or <Esc>


         if (skipped && !a:d.allowskip) || a:d.skipuntil isnot 0
-        elseif stridx("gzy'`m[]@qZ\<C-w>", char)!=-1
+        elseif stridx("gzy'`m[]@qZ\<C-w>tTfF", char)!=-1
             let a:d.skipuntil='len(a:d.input)>='.(len(a:d.input)+1)
             let a:d.allowskip=0
         elseif char is# '"'
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