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@%aurum/powerline: Fixed some errors, reenabled aurumcommit theme

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 "▶1 VimEnter
 function s:F.define_local_themes()
 python <<EOF
 powerline.add_local_theme("aurum.powerline.is_commit", {
     u"default_module": u"aurum.powerline",
                 u"type": u"string",
                 u"contents": u"Commit",
-                u"highlight": [u"line_current_symbol"],
+                u"highlight_group": [u"line_current_symbol"],
+            },
+            {
+                u"name": u"branch",


             for rcid in rcids.itervalues():
-            buffers[bufnr].pop('funcs')
+            if 'funcs' in buffers[bufnr]:
+                buffers[bufnr].pop('funcs')
 def setup_buffer(bufnr, func_name, funcs=None, *args):
     if not started:
         bdict = buffers[bufnr]
     if not funcs:
-        if bdict['funcs']:
+        if 'funcs' in bdict:
             funcs = bdict['funcs']
             funcs = guess()
             'highlight': ['file_vcs_status_'+statchar, 'file_vcs_status']
-def xxx_uncommon():
-    return 'TEXT'
 def is_commit():
     return vim.eval('&ft') == 'aurumcommit'
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