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Fix incorrect :AuL

Ref #95

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     return a:repo.functions.getcs(a:repo, rev)
-"▶1 getchangesets :: repo → [cs]
+"▶1 getchangesets :: repo[, hex[, hex]|limit] → [cs]
 function s:F.getchangesets(repo, ...)
     let args=['--', a:repo.svnroot]
     let kwargs={'xml': 1, 'verbose': 1}
         call xml.skipctag()
         call xml.skipws()
         let a:repo.changesets[cs.hex]=cs
-        call insert(cslist, cs)
+        call add(cslist, cs)
+    if !has_key(kwargs, 'revision')
+        call reverse(cslist)
+    endif
     return cslist
 "▶1 svn.getchangesets :: repo → [cs]
             call remove(a:repo.mutable.cslist, -1)
     elseif tiprev>oldtiprev
-        let cslist=s:F.getchangesets(a:repo, ''.oldtiprev, ''.tiprev)
+        let cslist=s:F.getchangesets(a:repo, ''.(oldtiprev+1), ''.tiprev)
         if !empty(cslist)
             let a:repo.mutable.cslist[-1].children=
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