ZyX_I committed e422fbf

@%aurum/maputils: Fixed restoring $command_t
It was broken due to the typo in variable name. Renamed
variable, new name does not have typo and seems more suitable

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 function, cbargs, pvargs)
     let [b:aurum_callback_fun; b:aurum_addargs]=a:cbargs
-    ruby $comman_t_old = $command_t
+    ruby $aurum_old_command_t = $command_t
     ruby $command_t = $aurum_command_t
     ruby $command_t.show_aurum_finder
-    " TODO The following does not work. Investigate why
-    autocmd BufWipeOut <buffer> ruby $command_t = $command_t_old
+    autocmd BufUnload <buffer> ruby $command_t = $aurum_old_command_t
 "▶2 ctrlp
 function s:Accept(mode, str)
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