ZyX_I committed e4a729f

@%aurum/drivers/bazaar: Made it use --no-aliases

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 let s:hypsites=s:_r.hypsites.bzr
 "▶1 bzrcmd :: repo, cmd, args, kwargs, esc → String
 function s:F.bzrcmd(repo, ...)
-    return 'bzr '.call(s:_r.utils.getcmd, a:000, {})
+    return 'bzr --no-aliases '.call(s:_r.utils.getcmd, a:000, {})
 "▶1 bzr :: repo, cmd, args, kwargs, has0[, msgid[, marg1[, …]]] → [String] + ?
 function s:F.bzr(repo, cmd, args, kwargs, hasnulls, ...)
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