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Improved kilnhg support

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 \  'changeset': s:cpbase.'"/changeset/changes/".cs.hex[:11]',
 \        'log': s:cpbase.'"/list/changesets"',
 \      'clone': '"https://".domain.path',
-\       'push': '"https://".domain.path',
-\ }],
+\       'push': '"https://".domain.path',}],
 \['domain =~? "\\Vkilnhg.com\\$"',
-\ {  'html': '"http://".domain.path."/File/".file."?rev=".cs.hex',
-\    'hline': 'line'}],
+\ {     'html': '"https://".domain.path."/File/".file."?rev=".cs.hex',               'hline': 'line',
+\        'raw': '"https://".domain.path."/FileDownload/".file."?rev=".cs.hex',
+\   'annotate': '"https://".domain.path."/File/".file."?rev=".cs.hex&view=annotate', 'aline': 'line',
+\   'filehist': '"https://".domain.path."/FileHistory/".file."?rev=".cs.hex',
+\  'changeset': '"https://".domain.path."/History/".cs.hex',
+\        'log': '"https://".domain.path',
+\      'clone': '"https://".domain.path',}],
 \['domain =~? ''\V\%(project\)\?kenai.com\$'' && (path[:2] is? "/hg" || domain[:2] is? "hg.")',
 \ {     'html': s:pkbase.'."/content/".file."?rev=".cs.rev',
 \        'raw': s:pkbase.'."/content/".file."?raw=true&rev=".cs.rev',
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