ZyX_I committed f4cf2de

Fixed typo in ftplugin/aurumstatus.vim, made it possible to abbreviate show arguments to :AuStatus

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 let s:_augroups+=['AuStatusNoInsert']
 call s:F.setup()
 "▶1 runmap
-let s:noacttypes{
+let s:noacttypes={
             \   'open': ['deleted'],
             \'revopen': ['added', 'ignored'],
             \   'diff': ['deleted', 'removed', 'added', 'ignored', 'unknown'],
             \           '   ?rev1      (type "")'.
             \           '   ?rev2      (type "")'.
             \           '  *?show      (in [modified added removed deleted '.
-            \                              'unknown ignored clean])'.
+            \                              'unknown ignored clean] ~start)'.
             \           '}', 'filter']
 call add(s:statcomp,
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