aurum / autoload / aurum / cmdutils.vim

Diff from to


 scriptencoding utf-8
-execute frawor#Setup('4.1', {'@/resources': '0.0',
+execute frawor#Setup('4.2', {'@/resources': '0.0',
             \                       '@/os': '0.0',
             \               '@%aurum/repo': '5.0',
             \               '@%aurum/edit': '1.0',
             let file=expand('%')
             let repo=s:_r.repo.get(':')
-            call s:r.checkrepo(repo)
-            if a:act isnot# 'getrr'
+            if type(repo)==type({}) && a:act isnot# 'getrr'
                 let file=repo.functions.reltorepo(repo, expand('%'))
         "▶2 repo
         if !exists('repo')
             let repo=s:_r.repo.get(a:opts.repo)
-            call s:r.checkrepo(repo)
-            if file isnot 0
+            if type(repo)==type({}) && file isnot 0
                 let file=repo.functions.reltorepo(repo, file)
+    if type(repo)!=type({})
+        let file=0
+        let rev=0
+        if a:failmsg isnot 0
+            call s:_f.throw('nrepo')
+        endif
+    endif
     return [hasbuf, exists('repo') ? repo : 0, rev,
                 \((a:act is# 'getfiles')?
                 \   ((exists('files'))?
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