aurum / autoload / aurum / drivers / common / hypsites.vim

The branch 'bzr-support' does not exist.
Diff from to


 scriptencoding utf-8
-execute frawor#Setup('0.1', {'@/resources': '0.0',})
+execute frawor#Setup('0.2', {'@/resources': '0.0',})
 "▶1 s:hypsites
 let s:dport='domain.(empty(port)?"":":".port)'
 let s:link='shellescape("http://".'.s:dport.'.path)'
 unlet s:svngcbase s:svngcfile
 unlet s:rhdicts
+"▶1 bazaar
+let s:hyp.bzr=[
 "▶1 post resource
 unlet s:gcproj s:dl s:bbdict s:dport
 call s:_f.postresource('hypsites', s:hyp)
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