aurum / test / drivers-bazaar.vim

Diff from to


                     \string(a:repo.functions.getrepoprop(a:repo, p))]
+let skippednewcsprops=['hex', 'time', 'user', 'parents']
 function FormatCS(repo, cs, ...)
     let g:r+=[' >> Changeset']
     let maxlen=len('description')
             \                      '2000-01-01 16:23:00')
 call FormatCS(Brepo, Brepo.functions.getwork(Brepo), ['hex'])
 call Brepo.functions.commit(Brepo, "Multiline\ncommit\ncomment")
-call FormatCS(Brepo, Brepo.functions.getwork(Brepo), ['hex', 'time', 'user',
-            \                                         'parents'])
+call FormatCS(Brepo, Brepo.functions.getwork(Brepo), skippednewcsprops)
 call Brepo.functions.branch(Brepo, 'B-mod', 0)
 call Brepo.functions.label(Brepo, 'tag', 'seventh', '7', 0, 0)
 call Brepo.functions.label(Brepo, 'tag', '--force', '7', 1, 0)
 let r+=PurgeDiffPlusDates(Brepo.functions.diff(Brepo, '6', '1', 0,                {}))
 let r+=[' >> Diff (with file)']
 let r+=PurgeDiffPlusDates(Brepo.functions.diff(Brepo, '1', '6', ['bzrlines.lst'], {}))
+let r+=[' >> Push B to A (:parent)']
+call Brepo.functions.push(Brepo, 0, 0, ':parent')
+call FormatCS(Arepo, Arepo.functions.getcs(Arepo, '-1'), skippednewcsprops)
+let r+=[' >> Pull from B to C (default)']
+call Crepo.functions.pull(Crepo, 0, 0)
+call FormatCS(Crepo, Crepo.functions.getcs(Crepo, '-1'), skippednewcsprops)
 call WriteFile(r)
 source addEmessages.vim
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