aurum / test / wine / maps-annotate.ok

The branch 'bzr-support' does not exist.
Diff from to


 #1: aurum:\\file:%ETMPDIR%%+test%+maps-annotaterepo:5a6a1bf999fad1f4547eeb887af54f31d11833f2:crepo.zsh
 *2: %TMPDIR%\test\maps-annotaterepo\chgrepo.zsh
 {{{1 C
-*1: aurum:\\file:%ETMPDIR%%+test%+hgtestrepo:5a6a1bf999fad1f4547eeb887af54f31d11833f2:crepo.zsh
-#2: aurum:\\file:%ETMPDIR%%+test%+hgtestrepo:dfe39aa48c6ddde158e42217548b531a45ff66e9:crepo.zsh
+#1: aurum:\\file:%ETMPDIR%%+test%+hgtestrepo:5a6a1bf999fad1f4547eeb887af54f31d11833f2:crepo.zsh
+*2: aurum:\\file:%ETMPDIR%%+test%+hgtestrepo:dfe39aa48c6ddde158e42217548b531a45ff66e9:crepo.zsh
 {{{1 d
 *1: aurum:\\diff:%ETMPDIR%%+test%+maps-annotaterepo:5a6a1bf999fad1f4547eeb887af54f31d11833f2::crepo.zsh:
 {{{1 c
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