aurum / .hgignore

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@%aurum/drivers/common/utils: Added pyeval() emulation
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@%aurum/drivers/common/utils: Moved nullnl here from @%aurum/drivers/git
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@aurum/drivers/mercurial: Made it always use s:_r.utils.getcmd to create commands
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
@aurum/drivers: Added inital svn implementation (untested, some functions are definitely not working)
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
Fixed cs.(renames|copies|files|changes|removes) in non-python driver for non-trivial merge revisions
ZyX_I avatarZyX_I
Added partially working :AuGlog command
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