Do something like the “electrified DAG” from kiln

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ZyX_I repo owner created an issue

Check whether something like “electrified DAG” from [[|kiln]] is worth doing. Electrified DAG is a feature that shadows changesets that are neither ancestors nor descendants of the pointed one and highlights those that are.

Proposed solution is to use more compact style (defined with {{{cstyle}}} and {{{ctemplate}}} options) for shadowed changesets and also possibly change their highlighting.

Proposed mapping: {{{gR}}} with name {{{AuLog_EmphasizeRev}}}.

It may also be required to start tracking which lines connect which changesets so that lines at the left can be highlighted. It definitely does require ability to change buffer contents (though it should be easier then the first point).

Related: it may be a good idea to add ability to highlight lines that go from/to revision under the cursor.

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