Open mapping in log buffer sometimes asks to choose from empty list

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Issue #33 resolved
ZyX_I repo owner created an issue

Test case: while in VAM-kr repository do

  1. {{{AuLog files tools}}}
  2. Go to changeset {{{781:47ae411f2403bfcd3691c6f6384b689a799c306c}}} (with commit message “Added scripts that help to populate SCM database”).
  3. Press {{{o}}}.

Vim then shows {{{ Select file (0 to cancel): Type number and <Enter> or click with mouse (empty cancels): }}} which is confusing because there are no variants that can be chosen. If I type {{{1<CR>}}} then it will open {{{aurum://file:%-home%-zyx%-.vam%-vim-addon-manager-known-repositories:f7bb33c65f372fe5b14945f154a4d7f3220d3bea:autoload%-vam_known_repositories.vim}}} which is a file from another directory (I requested {{{tools}}}) and should not be opened (aside from the fact that it is not listed).

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  1. ZyX_I reporter

    Possibly related: using this mapping for the first commit shown in log opened like described opens a dialog with exactly one choice though I remember I have a check for a number of files that can be chosen.

    It may also be a good idea to have open or mappings variant for ignfiles option or adding mappings that will ignore files option.

  2. ZyX_I reporter

    ftplugin/aurumlog: Fixed #33 (wrong list used for file selection dialog) Replaced :AuLog ignfiles diff with :AuLog ignfiles open in some cases doc: Documented :AuLog ignfiles diff option value Added a note that git and subversion revisions are now supported by mercurial driver


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