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Issue #4 resolved
ZyX_I repo owner created an issue

Drivers should support pushing, pulling and cloning. Proposed command name working with this functionality is {{{:AuOther}}} with actions push, pull and clone.

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  1. ZyX_I reporter
    @aurum/repo, @aurum/drivers/git, @aurum/drivers/mercurial:
        Added rf-push() and rf-pull()
    @aurum: Added :AuOther push/pull/outgoing/incoming (untested)
    Ref #4


  2. ZyX_I reporter

    “Clone” seems to be hard to implement cleanly (meaning that guessing correct driver will probably be weird, not guessing it is more to type then just !hg clone url).

  3. ZyX_I reporter

    Splitted issue into #4 (:AuOther push/pull/incoming/outgoing, #27 (:AuPackage), #28 (:AuUpdate ... revert) and #29 (svn lock/unlock).

    Current :AuOther push/pull/incoming/outgoing state: requires tests.

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