Some buffers should have support for “full vimdiff”

Issue #6 resolved
repo owner created an issue

At least {{{aurum://log}}}, {{{aurum://status}}} and {{{aurum://diff}}} should have a mapping that opens multiple tabs.

{{{aurum://log}}} should support at least two such mappings: one that diffs working directory and current revision and one that diffs current revision and its first parent.

{{{aurum://status}}} should support v:count and visual-mode “full vimdiff” mapping.

{{{aurum://diff}}} should be able to use “full vimdiff” to view current diff as side-by-side file comparison in multiple tabs.

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  1. ZyX_I reporter

    ftplugin/aurumstatus: Added vVdiff and vRVdiff mappings, made Vdiff and RVdiff maps accept count. Ref #6 @aurum/vimdiff: Moved full vimdiff functionality to a separate function @aurum/diff: Made it use function referenced above


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