Add wiping for all new aurum:// windows opened with D/C mappings

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Issue #65 resolved
ZyX_I repo owner created an issue

When using D/C in an {{{:AuStatus}}} window and then closing opened vimdiff with {{{,X}}} there is one {{{aurum://file}}} buffer left which is likely not needed. It should as well be removed when closing vimdiff.

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  1. ZyX_I reporter

    @%aurum/vimdiff: Switch to previous buffers before wiping vimdiff buffers out @%aurum/status: Use only mrun(), not run()

    Fixes #65 (it allows exiting vimdiff with X on aurum://file buffer with all buffers switched back: by X mapping of aurum://file and by aurum://file BufWipeOut event handler set by vimdiff.split)

    → <<cset e4b59af946ab>>

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