Disable vimdiff when closing any of the buffers

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Issue #66 resolved
ZyX_I repo owner created an issue

Currently vimdiff mode is disabled only when closing new buffer. It should be disabled when closing any of the buffers, with wiping new when old is closed unless new already existed.

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  1. ZyX_I reporter

    @%aurum/vimdiff: Made _r.vimdiff.split() also setup autocommands for disabling vimdiff when closing other buffer Ref #66 (not marking as fixed before adding tests)


  2. ZyX_I reporter

    @%aurum/vimdiff: Cleaned up buffer closing code (both autocmd and mapping) Added support for multiple diff targets in _r.vimdiff.split Made :AuVimDiff always use _r.vimdiff.split Some fixes to vimdiff closing code ftplugin/*: Made ftplugins use new [fnameargs] calling convention tests: Improved cmd-vimdiff tests (now renamed to cmd+maps-vimdiff) Fixes #66


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