Speed up git driver by using pygit2

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Subj. No need in speeding up everything, speeding up iterfuncs.*, functions.getcs, functions.getrevhex, functions.revrange and functions.setcsprop should be enough.

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  1. ZyX_I reporter

    @%aurum/drivers/git: Made it use pygit2 for a* functions if possible
    Ref #81
    @%aurum/drivers/mercurial: Moved some common code from python/aurum/aumercurial.py to python/aurum/auutils.py
    @%aurum/drivers/common/utils: Made _r.utils.pystring work for lists and dictionaries

    → <<cset 66eff252cb02>>

  2. ZyX_I reporter

    @%aurum/drivers/git: Made rf-status also use pygit2 if available
    Fixed order of checks in aurum.augit.get_status
    Made it sort files as well
    Fixed addition of clean files in case files were not specified
    Added support for repo.revparse (!!! untested, nobody knows whether it works because I have release versions of pygit2 and libgit2)
    Ref #81

    → <<cset 39c9dc8bd99f>>

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