aurum / test / cmd-move,track,junk-subdir.ok

{{{1 Track directory
A directory/subdir/subfile
A directory/subdir/subfile2
@  27
|  *directory/subdir/subfile, directory/subdir/subfile2
|  @Added directory/subdir/subfile{,2}
{{{1 Move directory to unexistent directory
A unexistentdir/file
A unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
A unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
R directory/file
R directory/subdir/subfile
R directory/subdir/subfile2
@  28
|  *directory/file, directory/subdir/subfile, directory/subdir/subfile2
|  *unexistentdir/file, unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
|  *unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
|  @Moved directory/ to unexistentdir/
|  >directory/file to unexistentdir/file
|  >directory/subdir/subfile to unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
|  >directory/subdir/subfile2 to unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
{{{1 Move directory to an existing directory
@  29
|  *directory/subdir/subfile
|  @Recreated directory/subdir/subfile
A directory/unexistentdir/file
A directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
A directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
R unexistentdir/file
R unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
R unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
@  30
|  *directory/unexistentdir/file, directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
|  *directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2, unexistentdir/file
|  *unexistentdir/subdir/subfile, unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
|  @Moved unexistentdir
|  >unexistentdir/file to directory/unexistentdir/file
|  >unexistentdir/subdir/subfile to directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
|  >unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2 to directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
{{{1 Junk directory
R directory/subdir/subfile
R directory/unexistentdir/file
R directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
R directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
@  31
|  *directory/subdir/subfile, directory/unexistentdir/file
|  *directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile
|  *directory/unexistentdir/subdir/subfile2
|  @Removed directory
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