aurum / test / junk.ok

{{{1 :AuJ
No changes found
{{{1 :AuJ :
hglines.lst: 0
R hglines.lst
{{{1 :AuJ forget :
hglines.lst: 1
R hglines.lst
{{{1 :AuJ remove :
hglines.lst: 0
R hglines.lst
{{{1 :AuJ ignore :
hglines.lst: 1
  syntax: glob
  syntax: regexp
M .hgignore
{{{1 :AuJ ignoreglobs *
hglines.lst: 1
  syntax: glob
C .hgtags
C ablines.lst
C alines.lst
C blines.lst
C chgrepo.zsh
C clines.lst
C datelines.lst
C directory/file
C dlines.lst
C emerged.lst
C glines.lst
C glinescopy.lst
C hglines.lst
C hglines2.lst
C ignored10.lst
C nohglines.lst
C nohglinesrev.lst
M .hgignore
{{{1 :AuJ *
R .hgignore
R .hgtags
R ablines.lst
R alines.lst
R blines.lst
R chgrepo.zsh
R clines.lst
R datelines.lst
R directory/file
R dlines.lst
R emerged.lst
R glines.lst
R glinescopy.lst
R hglines.lst
R hglines2.lst
R ignored10.lst
R nohglines.lst
R nohglinesrev.lst
>>> Messages:
Frawor:plugin/aurum:nofiles:No files were specified
<<< Messages^
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