1. ZyX_I
  2. aurum


aurum / test / drivers-subversion.in

:let g:curtest='svntest'
:let g:tipname='HEAD'
:let g:testedfile='svntestrepo/file-under-svn-control'
:command -nargs=0 WTF call WriteFile(readfile(g:testedfile, 'b'))
:W{{{1 Annotate
:Run! AuAnnotate file ./svntestrepo/--force | wincmd w
:W{{{1 Log: everything
:Run! AuLog ./svntestrepo/ stat patch showfiles showrenames showcopies
:W{{{1 Status: current
:R call writefile(['Unknown file contents'], 'unknown-file')
:R call writefile(['New file contents'], 'new-file')
:AuTrack ./svntestrepo/new-file
:R call delete('file-under-svn-control')
:AuJunk ./svntestrepo/def
:AuJunk ignore ./svntestrepo/ghi
:Run AuStatus
:R call writefile(['Zero line'], 'file-under-svn-control')
:W{{{1 Status: relative to other (1)
:Run AuStatus rev 3
:W{{{1 Status: relative to other (2)
:Run AuStatus wdrev 3
:W{{{1 Status: between two revisions
:R !svn revert -R .
:Run! AuStatus ./svntestrepo/ rev HEAD wdrev 2
:W{{{1 Commit
:edit ./svntestrepo/newfile.vim
iW In file newfile.vim:write
:AuCommit message Added\ newfile.vim type unknown ./svntestrepo/newfile.vim
:W{{{1 Commit 2
oW File newfile.vim, second line:write
:Run! AuCommit
Added second line to newfile.vim
// It was not required really:write
:W{{{1 File
:let cs=aurum#changeset()
:execute 'Run! AuFile '.(cs.rev-1)
:W{{{1 Update
:AuUpdate 3 ./svntestrepo/
:W{{{1 Update: force
:write! ./svntestrepo/file-under-svn-control
:AuUpdate! 4 ./svntestrepo/
:W{{{1 Update: to tip
:R AuUpdate
:W{{{1 Move
:AuMove ./svntestrepo/--force ./svntestrepo/-f
:AuCommit message Moved\ --force\ to\ -f repo ./svntestrepo/ all
:WTa showrenames showcopies
:W{{{1 Move: copy
:AuMove copy ./svntestrepo/-f ./svntestrepo/--force
:AuCommit message Copied\ -f\ to\ --force repo ./svntestrepo/ all
:WTa showrenames showcopies
:W{{{1 Junk: forget, remove
:call WriteFile(filereadable('./svntestrepo/-f').filereadable('./svntestrepo/--force'))
:AuJunk forget ./svntestrepo/-f
:AuJunk remove ./svntestrepo/--force
:call WriteFile(filereadable('./svntestrepo/-f').filereadable('./svntestrepo/--force'))
:AuCommit ./svntestrepo/**
:W{{{1 Grep: working directory
:Run! AuGrep W repo ./svntestrepo/ | cwindow
:W{{{1 Grep: HEAD
:let repo=aurum#repository()
:Run! AuGrep W revision HEAD repo ./svntestrepo/ | cwindow
:W{{{1 Junk: ignore, ignoreglob
:write! ./svntestrepo/file.vim
:write! ./svntestrepo/subdir/file.vim
:write! ./svntestrepo/ignoredfile.vim
:write! ./svntestrepo/ignoredfile2.vim
:W{{{2 Status before junk
:Run! AuStatus ./svntestrepo/
:AuJunk ignore ./svntestrepo/subdir/file.vim
:AuJunk ignoreglob ./svntestrepo/ignored*
:W{{{2 Status after junk
:Run! AuStatus ./svntestrepo/
:source addEmessages.vim