aurum / autoload / unite / sources / aurum.vim

The branch 'bzr-support' does not exist.
execute frawor#Setup('0.0', {})
"▶1 s:source
function unite#sources#aurum#define()
    return s:source
let s:source={
            \'name': 'aurum',
            \'description': 'Changeset files',
            \'hooks': {},
function s:source.hooks.on_init(args, context)
    let a:context.source__files=a:args[0]
    let a:context.source__cbargs=a:args[1]
function s:source.gather_candidates(args, context)
    return map(copy(a:context.source__files),
                \'{"word": v:val, '.
                \ '"abbr": v:val, '.
                \ '"kind": "aurum", '.
                \ '"action__cbargs": a:context.source__cbargs, '.
call frawor#Lockvar(s:, 'source')
" vim: ft=vim ts=4 sts=4 et fmr=▶,▲
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