aurum / test /

:command -nargs=0 SWT :WT silent %sm/\(Added tag \w\+ for changeset\) \x\+/\1/e
:W{{{1 D
:R silent AuName D
:W{{{1 force D
:R silent AuName! D
:W{{{1 type E
:R silent AuName E type t
:W{{{1 local F
:R silent AuName F local
:W{{{1 delete F
:R silent AuName F delete local
:W{{{1 delete E
:R silent AuName E delete
:W{{{1 D
:R try | AuName D | catch | endtry
:W{{{1 Unknown type
:R try | AuName G type unknown | catch | endtry
:source addmessages.vim
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